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Word Dominator is a turn-based single player game.

The main objective is to form words and get the highest possible score.

The pool area at the bottom contains playable tiles, and tiles are placed on the board
by dragging from the pool with a finger.

To play a move, first put the files forming the word on the board and then hit the
'Play' button. The first move need to cover the center square.

Hit the 'Clear' button to put all tiles in the current move back into the pool area.

If no valid words can be formed, choose 'Pass' to let the opponent make a move. Choose Pass from the Menu button, or hit 'Play' if no tiles are played from the rack.

Tiles placed on squares labelled 2L, 2W, 3L and 3W give higher scores:
  • 2L - double letter score
  • 3L - triple letter score
  • 2W - double word score
  • 3W - triple word score
 The game ends when the first player has no ore tiles left, or if both players have passed.